Like many, I did not grow up in Madison County, but I got here as fast as I could. I love this area. My wife is a native Huntsvillian. We live in Blossomwood and have three young children.  My oldest two attend Whitesburg Christian Academy.  I started my law firm in Madison County more than a decade ago. My practice is focused on helping people with their estate and probate needs.  I also represent people charged with crimes. But that is not how my career started.

I grew up in Hattiesburg, MS. I attended LSU and the University of Texas School of Law. After graduating with honors, I clerked for the late United States District Judge Paul Brown in the Eastern District of Texas. He was a great judge.  He taught me how to practice law the right way. 

After clerking for Judge Brown, I worked as an associate at Baker Botts, an international law firm, in Dallas, Texas. I later moved to Birmingham, Alabama and practiced corporate law with Balch and Bingham, one of the premier law firms in Alabama.  In 2010, I decided to start my own law firm where I could use the skills I learned clerking and representing major corporations to help regular people.

I now strive to make people's lives better by establishing estate plans that fit their goals.  I also enjoy taking the burden off people who are going through probate and making that process less stressful. If you need a will, estate plan, or help probating an estate, please contact me online or by phone at 256-534-0066.  Finally, if you need help with a criminal matter or DUI, give me a call.  I can help. I have served as co-chair of the criminal defense section of the Madison County Bar and have represented people on charges ranging from municipal ordinance violations to capital murder.  I can offer you the best defense possible and help you get your life back.  


  • Best lawyer in Huntsville!

    Best lawyer in Huntsville! Will not be disappointed ladies and gentlemen . . . He's extremely good at reviewing all your options, and never just tries to get you to take what's the easiest route or less complicated for him. He went 110% for me and I'm truly grateful that God somehow led me to his...
  • Great Defense Attorney

    John Allen works hard for his clients. Great defense attorney and will listen to you. He puts forth his best effort for each and every client. Thank you John Allen for what you did for my nephew. You ever in Louisiana look me up. Would love to take you fishing. Thank you for all your hard work.Si...
  • Highly Recommend

    John Allen is one of the best I've seen. When he works your case, he puts all his time and effort into making sure you win your case. He keeps you up to date on everything that is going on. I had 2 2nd degree Assault charges at the same time. With the help of John Allen I was found not guilty on ...
  • Best lawyer this side of the universe!!!

    Best lawyer this side of the universe!!! He truly cares bout his clients and will go to war for them! I will never have to wonder who the best is because I know and his name is John Allen!!
  • Best Attorney in Alabama

    John I was scared to death going to court in Alabama, knowing I live in Louisiana. With no opportunity in Huntsville, but you made the impossible possible. Best damn attorney in Alabama much thanks.
  • Great Attorney

    Great attorney, he gets things done.