About Us

John Allen PC is an estate planning, wills, and probate law firm.

Estate Planning

We believe that estate planning done right does much more than direct where your assets go after you die. It protects you while you are alive. It protects your children and your family. And it protects your legacy after you pass.


It is very difficult to a lose a loved one. Trying to navigate the probate system alone or without able counsel only adds to that stress. Hiring competent counsel will dramatically reduce your stress and allow you to focus on what matters.

If you need estate planning or probate help, we should talk. Please call my office at 256-534-0066 to schedule an appointment.

What John Allen PC Offers

Our firm handles the entire estate planning process. We can counsel you on wills, trusts, powers of attorney, and living wills, and help you determine what is the right plan for you. If you've lost a loved one, we also can assist you in probating the estate.